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AI tools

Generate images in ChatGPT

Words Meet Images: ChatGPT's DALL·E Integration

Calling all ChatGPT-4 users! You might not be aware, but there's an exciting world of image generation waiting for you with DALL-E right inside...

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Midjourney Upscale Feature

Midjourney going beyond 1024x1024 with Upscaler

If you desire AI images with increased resolutions, the new upscale features in Midjourney are the solution you've been waiting for. In Midjourney...

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Animate your images with LeiaPix

Make images move with LeiaPix Converter

Here's another AI tool for you to experiment with: LeiaPix Converter With Leia Pix, you can add motion and a three-dimensional effect to your images,...

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Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator powered by DALL·E

Bing's Image Creator is a smart image generator, powered by OpenAI's DALL·E. With this tool, users can generate images by describing them in words....

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The Magic of AI Illusions

Have you noticed those viral AI-generated images circulating on social media lately? Upon first glance, they might appear as ordinary images, but...

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Trying Clipdrop AI tools

AI Tool Spotlight: Clipdrop

Let's explore Clipdrop! Clipdrop is an AI-powered suite of tools for image editing and generation. It was founded in 2021 by Init ML SAS, a French...

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Multi-prompts using double colon

Multi-Prompts using double colon

With the Midjourney Bot, you can tackle several different ideas at once using double colons (::) as separators. This cool feature lets you highlight...

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Generating fantasy images with the blending feature at Midjourney.

Creating a fantasy image with blending

Craft enchanting fantasy images with Midjourney's blend mode. It involves a captivating process that empowers you to create mesmerizing visuals like...

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Future of QR Codes with Generated Images

Imagining QR Codes Differently

The future of QR codes is becoming more colourful and vibrant, breaking free from their traditional black-and-white look. By incorporating generated...

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Add style to your prompts with these words

Words to Elevate Your Prompts

Hello! It's another day of exploring text-to-image tools where words work their magic, breathing life into your ideas. Our handpicked collection of...

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 Midjourney generates short animations using images.

Trying Midjourney's Video Feature

Have you tried the fun little feature in Midjourney that makes your image move? Try using --video parameter; it produces a 5-second video of your...

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Discover Midjourney's Zoom Out Power

See the Bigger Picture: Midjourney Zoom Out

Let's dive into the extraordinary world of Midjourney and check out its impressive Zoom feature. This isn't your ordinary zooming...

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Extend your image

Midjourney Levels Up, Say Hello to Panning!

Looking to expand your image for text insertion or element avoidance? Fortunately, now there's a more convenient way to create images, allowing you...

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Testing different text-to-image AI tools

Testing different text-to-image AI tools

Prompt: a happy young woman holding a cup of coffee, looking out of the window as it rains outside, gloomy weather

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