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Run Powerful AI Language Models Locally on Your PC or Mac

Run Powerful AI Language Models Locally on Your PC or Mac

Are you interested in experiencing the capabilities of advanced language AI without relying on cloud services?

Running large language models (LLMs) locally on your Windows or Mac computer offers privacy, customisation, and offline access.

Let's explore the leading applications for local LLM deployment.


Jan: The Offline AI Assistant

A screenshot of a webpage promoting a concept or product related to computing, featuring a colorful abstract design on a computer monitor.

Jan is an open-source desktop app that lets you run AI models entirely on your machine, ensuring data privacy. It operates offline and is highly customizable.

Chat interface for interacting with AI models using an API key


  • Supports various open-source LLMs
  • Connects to cloud AIs like ChatGPT
  • Customizable with specific knowledge
  • Integrates with everyday tools


  • Limited to models supported by the app
  • Requires some technical knowledge for advanced customization

Jan distinguishes itself with its offline functionality, customization options, and seamless tool integration. It's perfectly suited for businesses or individuals managing sensitive data, offering a private AI assistant tailored to enhance their workflow.

GPT4All: Customisable LLMs Locally

Website promoting GPT4All, a free locally-running privacy-focused chatbot

GPT4All is an ecosystem for running powerful, customized LLMs locally on consumer hardware like desktops and laptops.


  • Native desktop chat client
  • Official bindings for various programming languages
  • Supports multiple model formats


  • Limited to GPT4All's model library
  • Requires some technical expertise for integration

GPT4All's mission is to make local LLMs accessible to everyone, bolstered by its cross-platform compatibility. It's designed for developers and enthusiasts eager to explore and incorporate local LLMs into their projects


LM Studio: No Complex Setup Local LLM

A screenshot of the LM Studio software interface, which allows users to discover, download, and run local large language models from various providers on different operating systems.

LM Studio is a user-friendly desktop app that allows anyone to run LLMs on their laptop without coding or technical know-how.


  • Intuitive interface for browsing and importing LLMs
  • Runs models entirely offline
  • Provides an in-app chat UI and local API server


  • Limited to models compatible with the app
  • Fewer customization options compared to alternatives

LM Studio prioritizes simplicity and accessibility, catering to non-technical users. It's the ideal choice for individuals or small teams eager to harness the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) without navigating complicated setups or coding requirements.


Ollama: The Command-Line Powerhouse (Bonus for the geeks!)

A screenshot of a webpage with a prominent 'Download' button offering to get users started with large language models locally.

Ollama is a fast, command-line tool for running a wide range of LLMs like Llama, GPT4All, and Alpaca.


  • Supports numerous models
  • Highly customizable
  • Can be integrated into custom solutions


  • No graphical user interface
  • Requires technical expertise for setup and usage

Ollama's command-line interface caters to advanced users seeking custom integrations. It's an ideal solution for developers and researchers in need of a versatile, low-level tool for operating and experimenting with different Large Language Models.


Bonus for Mac users who always use ChatGPT:

Image of a digital advertisement for MacGPT, a chat interface application designed for Mac computers, featuring a colorful logo and a chat bubble graphic.

What if you want to use ChatGPT directly in your Mac computer?

MacGPT is like having ChatGPT chilling in your Mac's menu bar, making it super easy to chat with it without juggling a bunch of apps or tabs.

MacGPT seamlessly integrates ChatGPT into the macOS experience, providing:

  • Global Access: Summon ChatGPT anywhere with a keyboard shortcut or menu bar click.
  • Inline Mode: Embed ChatGPT responses directly into text fields by using a trigger phrase.
  • Menu Bar Access: Open the ChatGPT interface from the menu bar with customisable keyboard shortcuts.
  • Conversation Mode: Engage in voice-based conversations with ChatGPT.
  • Native API Integration: Connect your OpenAI API key for faster direct access.
  • GPT-4 Support: Access the latest GPT-4 model after joining the waitlist.

MacGPT blends AI capabilities with Mac's intuitive interface, enabling seamless productivity and creativity workflows powered by ChatGPT.


Whether you're a business seeking a private AI assistant, a developer exploring local LLM integration, or an individual curious about the latest language AI, these applications offer powerful solutions for running LLMs locally on your Windows or Mac computer. Choose the one that best fits your needs, and experience the future of AI today, without sacrificing privacy or relying on cloud services.


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