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Explore with AI for Remarkable Images

Embrace Time to Explore and Create!

In this age of AI text-image tools, it feels like we're all directors, guiding our photographers or digital designers (such as Midjourney) in...

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Take a break with Midjourney

Unwind with these AI-Generated Photos

Dreaming of peaceful days and weekend getaways to relax and travel? Let's make those dreams a reality with Midjourney! Visualize your ideal downtime...

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Animals Reimagined through AI-Generated Images

Tech's Playful Twist: Animals in AI Wonderland

Hey there, fellow animal lovers! Prepare to be amazed as we dive into the wonderful world of AI's imagination, where our beloved furry friends get a...

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Generated product shot

Generating Product Shots with Midjourney

During our adventure with Midjourney, we delved into creating product shots using AI, uncovering its capability in showcasing products with unique...

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Anticipating Future Enhancements and Refinements from Midjourney

Room for Improvement: Midjourney's AI Images

Midjourney is a text-to-image AI tool. Like us humans, AI tools are not perfect, and there is still room for improvement, especially in generating...

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Generating fantasy images with the blending feature at Midjourney.

Creating a fantasy image with blending

Craft enchanting fantasy images with Midjourney's blend mode. It involves a captivating process that empowers you to create mesmerizing visuals like...

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Future of QR Codes with Generated Images

Imagining QR Codes Differently

The future of QR codes is becoming more colourful and vibrant, breaking free from their traditional black-and-white look. By incorporating generated...

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Using Midjourney for Movie Poster Ideas

Using Midjourney for Movie Poster Ideas

Welcome to the thrilling world of Midjourney, where magic happens, and movie poster designs come to life! While Midjourney may not have mastered text...

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Exploring website designs with Midjourney

Exploring Website Designs with Midjourney

Let's dive into the exciting realm of Midjourney and how it can fuel your website design creativity! Midjourney might not be the best at generating...

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Add style to your prompts with these words

Words to Elevate Your Prompts

Hello! It's another day of exploring text-to-image tools where words work their magic, breathing life into your ideas. Our handpicked collection of...

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 Midjourney generates short animations using images.

Trying Midjourney's Video Feature

Have you tried the fun little feature in Midjourney that makes your image move? Try using --video parameter; it produces a 5-second video of your...

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Feel the coffee vibes

Time for a Coffee Break!

Coffee and Midjourney occupy a special spot in our hearts. We delight in the simple pleasures of sipping coffee and savouring sweets while finding...

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Using Artists to stylize images

Leveraging Artists in Writing Prompts

You can try using artist names in Midjourney prompts using the formula: [artist name] art of [location or thing]

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Exploring AI created illustrations

Exploring Midjourney's AI-Generated Illustrations

Midjourney is getting a ton of love for its unique approach to making photos without models or photoshoots. But hey, there's more to it than just...

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Crafting Business Image Assets with Midjourney

Going beyond stock, generating images for business use

In today's fast-paced digital world, captivating visuals are essential to grab your target audience's attention. Midjourney, an advanced platform for...

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Discover Midjourney's Zoom Out Power

See the Bigger Picture: Midjourney Zoom Out

Let's dive into the extraordinary world of Midjourney and check out its impressive Zoom feature. This isn't your ordinary zooming...

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Generated images vs. stock photos

AI-Generated Images Take Center Stage

It's time to shake things up in the world of visuals! We've relied on stock images for years, but a new trend is taking over. With countless websites...

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Varying prompt spellings

Does spelling matter for Midjourney prompts?

Short answer: it depends... Long answer: for long prompts it usually doesn't make much difference, but for short prompts the difference can be huge.

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