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The Benefits of Downloading our Guide

Let’s walk you through setting up a campaign in HubSpot. This process includes:

  • Creating a HubSpot campaign
  • Designing a HubSpot landing page
  • Crafting HubSpot forms
  • Establishing a HubSpot workflow
  • Sending HubSpot marketing emails
  • Crafting a HubSpot thank-you page and notifying team members via HubSpot internal emails
Hubspot Campaign from Start to Finish

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In this eBook (that is being updated regularly), we focus on the IMPLEMENT items of a campaign - all built in HubSpot. By the end of the book you will have a clear knowledge of how to implement the following list of key items for your campaign:

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Understand the significance of Graphic Design in building HubSpot campaigns.

HubSpot forms

HubSpot Forms

Discover the process of creating impactful forms.

HubSpot lists

HubSpot Lists

Understand how Lists are essential for campaign success and effective reporting.

HubSpot files

HubSpot Files

Learn HubSpot's content asset file system and effective usage.

HubSpot landing pages

HubSpot Landing Pages

Uncover the roles of Landing, Thank You, and Download Pages in campaigns.

HubSpot CTAs

HubSpot CTAs

Explore HubSpot's CTA benefits and usage tips.

HubSpot emails

HubSpot Emails

Explore HubSpot campaign emails and grasp their goals and best practices.

HubSpot workflows

HubSpot Workflows

Explore the role of HubSpot Workflows in business scalability and more.

HubSpot campaign

HubSpot Campaign

Learn about the advantages of using HubSpot Campaigns tool.

HubSpot site updates

HubSpot Site Updates

Discover strategic placement of campaign assets for effective promotion.

HubSpot reports and dashboards

HubSpot Reports and Dashboards

Discover how to utilize pre-prepared reports and create custom reports.

Attribution items

Attribution Items

Learn about attribution items.

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