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Midjourney's Inpainting feature: Vary (Region)

Midjourney's Inpainting feature: Vary (Region)


In the ever-evolving realm of image editing, Midjourney leaps boldly ahead with its groundbreaking inpainting feature named "Vary (Region)". This empowering tool allows you to rediscover and reshape specific parts of an enlarged image in ways never imagined before.

Ready to give it a whirl? Follow these 3 simple steps and dive into the excitement:


1.  Once you have upscaled your image, click on the "Vary (Region)" button

Once you have upscaled the image you want to edit. Click on the button called "Vary Region"
medium shot front view of a bungalow in the middle of a field in the countryside


2. Select the area you want to edit in the pop-up editor

Select the region you want to edit
Click on the Rectangle Selector 'Rectangle' or Freehand Selector 'Freehand' selector buttons to specify the area where you want your changes to take effect. You can continue adding selected areas. If you're unsatisfied, click the Undo 'Undo' button located on the upper left side.

3. Edit your prompt and click the 'Submit' button to start the magic!
Edit your prompt and submit

And voila! A barn has been added to your image.Added a barn on the selected image

Tip: Use the 'Vary Region' feature repeatedly to further enhance your image
Use the 'Vary Region' feature repeatedly to further enhance your image
Updated Prompt (Left):
an old rusty truck, Updated Prompt (Middle): old wooden fence,  Updated Prompt (Right): flock of birds


Here are other examples:

Revise the image by adding a helmet on the Cat's head
Original Prompt: adorable realistic cat dressed in hip fashion carrying a bag and wearing a cap walking down the street, in the style of hip hop aesthetics, toyism, oshare kei, light beige and brown, vacation, white and orange --style raw, Updated Prompt: cat wearing a helmet


Revise the image and add a blue flower crownOriginal Prompt: “fire::5 water::2  Updated Prompt: crown of blue flowers

Change the image's backgroundOriginal Prompt: Cute happy pineapple::1 panda::2 in the garden, big eyes, minimalism --v5.2 Updated Prompt: backyard of a house


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